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Surepros AI provides AI-driven solutions and expert consultation tailored for small and medium sized businesses, encompassing areas such as sales, marketing analysis, productivity improvement, financial analysis, and more.

With Surepros AI you can build your own AI Powered Business Assistants to provide almost unlimited expertise to help you Automate Tasks, Boost productivity, Get strategic insights and much more.

Think of an AI Business Assistant as a 24 7 resource you can consult anytime you need to. You can create multiple ai business assistants, each with separate expertise, roles, and functional knowledge about your business.

Create an AI business assistant from pre-designed templates for Sales, Marketing, Productivity, Human Resources, Customer Service, Financial Management, Operations Management and Strategy and Planning.


In this brief overview, we will describe how the Surepros AI platform works.

To build an AI Business Assistant App, first select from among eight different business templates available. in this example we will use Sales.

Each template includes a unique set of parameters. Think of it like giving Chat GPT a clear map of your business.

In the default template, the first step is to create a business profile. When you run your first query you will create hypothetical data based on your business profile. Finally, generate your Chat GPT result. Copy your query to the clipboard and paste into Chat GPT. This data will then be copied into your template. You can then edit the data to represent your own business. This becomes your primary template which you will save.

To create your first query, enter a new prompt and Role, then change the Date Type to “Actiual”. You can choose from over 250 pre-designed prompts from the Prompt Library. Each prompt includes a Role that Chat GPT will play for the prompt, for example being your sales manager. To create a new result, copy your query to the clipboard and paste into Chat GPT as before. Edit or expand your template to provide the result you want.

These steps help you make sure Chat GPT really gets what you’re asking about, leading to better and more useful answers for your business.

Create a Business Profile Template

  • To create a Business Profile Template: First select from eight pre-designed business templates available. Each new template includes a default business profile and a basic prompt to get you started.
  • Edit the business profile by replacing the placeholder text (in brackets) with your company information. This will create a new prompt based on your business profile. Save your template.
  • Click on My AI Apps menu, select your new template, next click on Prompt. Save the prompt to the clipboard, then paste into Chat GPT.
  • This will generate a result which will contain default data for your template based on your business profile. Copy and paste each piece of data into your template for each data heading.
  • You can edit the data now or update the template and edit it later.
  • Please view the other tutorials if you need additional help.

Edit a Template

 Click on the My Ai Apps menu. Select the template you want to use. Click Edit, the template will then open

The prompt field can be copied from the Prompt library and modified as needed.

Note that the Company name and user name is for reference only and is not included in the generated prompt for security reasons.

The AI Role can be copied from the Prompt library and changed based on your requirements.

You can select the type of data you wish the AI program to process. The options are: 1. Actual Data 2. Sample Data and 3. Sample plus Actual data. Actual data is data that you enter that reflects your business. With Sample data, AI will generate a hypothetical business with sample data based on the template default or empty values. Sample Plus Actual data will use your actual entered values and use sample data for any empty variables.

The data below is used to generate a prompt. Enter data that is relevant to your business. Enter N. A. for any entries that are not relevant.

You can easily add, edit or delete the pre-filled template data, but please note the data formate.

A variable name is followed by a colon (:) . A hyphen (-) is used to indicate a sub-topic so that AI can better understand it’s context.

Instructions are provided to help you personalize the template for your specific needs.

Finally save your template.

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