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Free Account

When you sign up for a free account, you get access to our eight basic business templates and 250 prompts. You can use any template but only one at a time. The only other limitation is that you can not create derivatives of the template, so you can only use one prompt at a time. This is a great option if you want to explore and learn how ChatGPT can help you in your business.

With a paid subscription, you can have unlimited templates and can create unlimited derivatives for each template. For example, you can add a Sales template and create queries for multiple prompts. You can build a complete team of AI Powered Business Assistants. Cancel any time.

What consulting services do you offer?

We provide AI-driven solutions and expert consultation tailored for small ans medium sized businesses, encompassing areas such as marketing analysis, productivity improvement, financial analysis, and more.

What sets your service apart from others?
Beyond our advanced AI solutions, we emphasize the consulting aspect of our services, ensuring you get both data-driven insights and expert guidance on implementation. Plus, we stand by the quality of our service with a satisfaction guarantee.
What is your Satisfaction Guarantee policy?

We are committed to ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with our services. If you feel our solution or consultation hasn’t met your expectations, please reach out to our team within 30 days of service delivery. We will work closely with you to address concerns and make necessary adjustments to meet your business needs.

How much does the custom AI application and consultation cost?

The base price for our custom AI application and consultation services starts at $95. Depending on the complexity, additional functionalities, depth of analysis required, and consultation hours, the price may vary.

How does the process work?

a. The client describes their business type and desired results. b. We define necessary variable inputs and create a form for data provision. c. Using the input, we create a Chat GPT template and prompt for the client. d. Our consultants guide you throughout, ensuring alignment with your business objectives.

What do you mean by "variable inputs"?

Variable inputs are specific data points from your business used to tailor the AI’s response, such as target demographic or advertising channels for marketing analysis.

Can I manage or edit my AI application on my own?

Certainly! We provide a personal dashboard for you to add new versions or modify the existing application, giving you flexibility as your business evolves.

Why do I need to copy and paste the prompt? Can't it be automated?

This approach offers you the ability to use free services such as ChatGPT 3.5. In addition, this manual step ensures you have control over the data input, allowing for any last-minute changes. In addition this allows you to use the free versions of ChatGPT and the paid version at only $20 per month. Future iterations may provide more automation.

How accurate or reliable are the insights from Chat GPT?

While Chat GPT offers valuable insights based on extensive data, our consultants play a pivotal role in interpreting and integrating these insights into your business context.

What kind of support do you provide?

We offer 30-day free support post-engagement. Our consultants and technical team assist with any concerns regarding AI solutions and their business application. Extended support post-30 days is available

How much does additional support cost after the initial 30 days?

Support costs post-30 days vary depending on client needs. Please reach out to our sales team for a custom quote.

Do I need any technical expertise to use your service?

No. Our consultants guide you throughout, ensuring the AI solutions align with and benefit your business objectives.

How secure is my business data with your service?

We prioritize data security, ensuring all business data remains confidential, used solely for customizing our services for you.

Can I request modifications to the AI-driven solutions after they've been created?

Yes! With dashboard access, you can make changes yourself or reach out to our consultants within the 30-day support window for guidance.

How quickly can I expect results after providing my inputs?

Post input reception, our team collaborates with our AI tools to provide insights within a few business days, followed by consultant guidance on implementation.

Who do I contact if I have issues or questions?

For any questions or concerns, you can contact our support and consulting team via the provided contact details on our website.